Brazilian Keratin

A popular hair-straightening approach, our Brazilian keratin products help revitalise the outer layers of your hair, repairing damage often caused by regular dye and other treatments.

After a couple of washes with a shampoo our stylists have hand-picked, we apply the product to your hair before using a flat iron to seal it in. It works best for curly, frizzy, coarse and thick hair, while also helping to overcome the negative effects of bleaching, highlighting and perming.

One session will leave your hair smoother, stronger and easier to manage. In just 90 minutes, it’s left softer and shinier, with all moisture and damage repaired. Styling times are reduced, drying times decrease dramatically and you needn’t worry anymore about irritating frizz.

The product allows you to wash your hair immediately after it’s been applied, something our expert stylists will do for you if you wish. The entire process itself is enjoyable to go through, with the warming sensation and smells of the iron melting away any stress left after the massaging hair wash.

Eyana have experienced and professional stylist for keratin treatment with quality service in Brazilian Keratin and stand as one of the Best Salon for Keratin Treatment in Dubai.


  • Revitalise layers
  • Smoother, stronger hair
  • No more frizz
  • Moisture and damage repaired