Hair Color

At Eyana we specialise in ladies relaxation and beauty treatments from head to toe. As part of our services, we offer high-quality hair colouring in a relaxed and ambient setting to pamper as well as to provide a stunning result.

Aside from our standard hair colour packages, our colourists are specialised in the following advanced techniques for hair colouring:

Ombre colouring

The ombre hair colour is versatile, classic, and shows no sign of going out of style. It is also an easily maintained look once finished professionally. At Eyana we employ a range of expert hair stylists who specialise in this unique and stylish look, ensuring that you receive the best service possible and can book your appointment with complete peace of mind.

Sombre colouring

If you’re looking for something more subtle than Ombre hair, but also classically striking, then Sombre colouring may be the right choice. The colour is gentler and more natural than Ombre, with more textured and nuanced highlights to make the most of your natural style. Many women find it a more wearable, natural look than Ombre, which our specialist colourists will be happy to create for you in comfort and luxury.

Balayage colouring

Balayage is a timeless classic that has slowly come back into modern fashion. This is also a Eyana speciality, allowing for a sun-kissed, natural look with softer and less noticeable re-growth lines.
So whether you’re making a statement, or bringing back a natural classic, Eyana will make sure you have a luxurious experience and a professional finish.