If you are looking for body art, whether you just want to experience a tattoo without the permanence or are thinking of something decorative for a special occasion such as your wedding day then Eyana beauty bar can provide you with the perfect henna art solution. 

What is Henna Art

Henna is a tropical shrub which is the sole genus of the Lawsonia genus, following the process of drying the shrubs leaves and making into a powder, henna dye is produced which is then used for a variety of henna art, hair dying and tattoo applications as well as the dying of fabrics Henna art originates from India where the practice of using henna has been in existence of over 5000 years and still today a common place form of dying fabrics, hair and tattooing. Of course as well as the advantages of it being anon-permanent tattoo, you can choose what kind of design you prefer and is also an ideal way of experiencing a tattoo and deciding if it is for you beforemaking a decision for a permanent one.

Have a beautiful tattoo that is non-permanent and express yourself though body art. We can tattoo any design you choose, either from our own extensive collection of henna art or maybe a henna art of your own choosing. Make yourappointment today and experience the joy of being completely unique with yourvery own body art henna tattoo. Should you require further information we aremore than happy to discuss this further with you, the only limitation is yourown imagination.