Nail Services

We do nail art, nail extension and other nail services using genuine colors and products suitable to your choice and feelings. We offer our clients a range of services that allow perfectly manicured nails to become an essential not a luxury!

Nail art is a creative way of decorating your nails to compliment your looks, outfit or even for a special occasion, many brides and bridesmaids have matching nails for weddings, from the simplest designs such as French nails that deliver a chic and polished look to acrylics with stunning designs and bling, you will find the perfect nails at our beauty salon

Our highly experienced team are equipped to correct all kinds of ‘problem nails’ and we offer a full range of systems to ensure we have something that suits you perfectly:

We respect the health of your natural nail and produce the most beautiful nail extensions that flow like a natural nail to your chosen length. We use the highest graded products to achieve the best look and pride ourselves on the quality of and professionalism of our work.


  • Acrylic Tips or Sculpted Extensions
  • UV Gel Tips or Extensions
  • Bio-Sculpture Gel Overlays
  • Shellac / Gelish / Vinylux