Whether you desire tight tresses or long, loose curls, perming offers a way to rejuvenate your hairstyle on a more permanent basis, reducing the need for constant maintenance.

There are two kinds of hair perming: digital/hot or cold. Digital, or hot, perms start with an hour-long treatment to relax and prepare your hair for curling. Loose curls are then created using curling irons and styled into rollers connected to a temperature-regulating device, with the process lasting three to four hours. Another type is a cold perm where the hair is treated with an alkaline solution and rolled with rollers to get the curls, which takes about two and two and a half hours.


The advantages of having a perm are:

  • You won’t need to style your hair every day
  • Curls remain intact until your next hair cut
  • Saves time and effort
  • Boosts hair volume


Perming for hair is quite suitable for those who are bored with straight hair, able neither to use the curling iron properly nor interested in daily curls. It is a great way to provide volume to the rather fine hair without having to constantly maintain the curls.