Straightening & Rebonding

Straightening and rebonding is a permanent hair straightening treatment that transforms unruly, wavy, or even frizzy hair into desirable, super sleek locks. The straightening and rebonding process modifies the structure of the hair bonds for a professional and lasting and effect. Once the hair has been treated, rebonded and washed by our specialist, the hair is dried and straightened to maintain a beautifully straight look.


What are the benefits of straightening and rebonding?

  • The treatment is long-lasting and will only need retouching every few months, depending on your hair growth
  • Straightening and rebonding is the best and most efficient way to achieve flawlessly straight hair
  • Gives lasting results and is a cost effective option for long term hair maintenance
  • The professional products used on the hair minimize any damage to leave hair looking sleek and shiny
  • The treatment leaves hair looking and feeling insatiably sleek and smooth with a natural texture


Our consultants will provide high quality advice on aftercare and how best to maintain your hair after the procedure