Love hurts; Waxing shouldn’t!

Our staff are fully trained and will make the waxing treatment as painless as possible, whether you are looking for smooth legs for the beach or want to look your best for your wedding day we are here to help.

We do all type of waxing using genuine and quality products of fruit waxes to feel you more natural skin with least discomfort. We promise that you will experience differently in our salon with complete satisfaction.

How Waxing Treatments Work

Waxing treatments are used to remove unwanted hair from the body, where the wax is applied to the area affected and then removed taking away the hair and top layer of skin, this is a semi-permanent solution to removing unwanted hair.

There are two types of waxing treatment, strip waxing and strip-less waxing, where the first involves the application of wax, which is then removed using a paper or cloth strip which the wax sticks too and removes the unwanted hairs, the latter is achieved by the application of a wax when cooled hardens and can be removed without the need of paper or cloth strips, both are an effective way of removing the unwanted hair and leaving the skin smooth to the look and touch.
Our waxing treatments are ideal for the removal of unsightly hair and unlike shaving which encouraging hair growth and stubble our waxing treatments will leave you silky smooth. Our waxing treatments include removal of hair from legs, bikini line waxing, removal of facial hair and eyebrow sculpting. Whatever the wax treatment you are looking for call today and make an appointment.