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Every women wish to have beautiful glowing smooth skin. But many of the skins get wrinkles and aged as they are not getting the proper care. A little care and effort can make a vast change in your skin. Here are some daily routines that you should follow to take care your skin. Cleanse tone and moisturize twice a day in the morning before you put on the makeup and at night. Eyana beauty stylist gives you tips for skin care.


Cleansing help you to remove dirt, dust and dead layer from the skin. Cleansing will help you to open the pores and allow them to breath. Do it regularly and you will have a fresh and clean face. Wash your face with warm water and this will open your pores. Apply the cleanser and massage it in upward and circular motion. Then wipe off the cleanser with warm water.


Toner is used to resist your skin from bacteria and micro organisms. When you use toner your natural pH level will be restored. Many types of toner are available some kill bacteria, others restore the pH level. After cleaning apply toner to a cotton pad and wipe over your face.


Moisturize will help you to look your skin radiant and glow. It also makes your skin supple and soft. When toner is dried applies moisturizer and massage it in the circular motion. You should apply moisturizer correctly or else your skin will look little tight.

Drink water

You should drink plenty of water a day to ensure the proper blood flow and it will make your skin beautiful.


Apply sunscreen and protect your skin from UV rays. These are the harmful rays that can cause damage to your skin. Sunscreen effectively protects our skin from these rays. So make sure you apply sunscreen while you go out.

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