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Eyes are one of the most stunning part of a women. Every man gets attracted to women’s eyes. So it’s your duty to take care of your eyes and make it stunning. Here the stylist of Eyana gives you some tips on Eye make Up.

Smoother mascara application

Before applying the mascara, hold the bottle between your palms and rolls it few times. This will make the mascara warm. Warming up mascara will soften the formula and make it go on much more smoother. Never pump your brush for less clumpy and smoother application of your mascara.

For bigger eye lashes

As you apply wiggle your mascara brush in left to right motion. It will reduce the clumps and separate the lashes.

Line your lower lashes

Cut a little at the tip of black eye linear to give a blunt edge. Use this to give tiny dots along your lower lashes instead of using eye liner or eye shadow. This will give a feeling that your lower lashes are fuller and thicker by filling the roots.

Eye liner color

Use eyeliner that has the tone opposite of your eyes. Blue eyes, use copper eyeliner. Brown eyes use navy blue eyeliner. Green eyes use purple eyeliner, etc.

Make your eye liner stand out

Use gel eye shadow as primer underneath powder eye shadow. If you are using the same color as your shadow, it makes the color pop and it’s easy to blend into the crease of your eyes.

Natural eye makeup remover

Use olive oil to remove your eye makeup. It is a great DIY eye makeup remover. Unlike other oily removers, olive oil is actually good for your skin.

Apply these tips while you do your eye makeup. Eyan is one of the best salon in Dubai. We offer quality treatments for our customers. We have expert stylist for our hair, body and beauty treatments with eye catching packages.

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