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Are you wondered about your hair? Is it looking dull or have lost it’s luster. Best providers of hair extensions in Karama confirms that you are ending up with any of these results.

No worries says best providers of hair treatments in karama. Let’s have a quick look and uncover few horrible hair mistakes  one by one and recover these dilemmas to have beautiful hair in no time..

DIY hair cut

Most of them try to have their hair cuts your own. The main reason is that, they find it very struggling to get an appointment from hair salons near you. These struggle mainly results in doing self practical approach and never ends well. Actually we are causing more damage to the hair on using home products, that are not the right tools to do it. So try to avoid DIY beauty make over’s and save the time as well as money by having an appointment with best hair salon near you.


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Actual/Dry shampoo?

Invention of shampoo makes one of the most remarkable achievements to the beauty world. We all love using shampoo on hair to have shiny and appealing look.  The main reason why we are using shampoo is that, dirt as well as oil will naturally build up on our hair each and every day.

So in order to have clear hair, we must apply shampoo says best providers of salon services in Karama. Dry shampoo don not have the capability to remove impurities from the scalp. These may cause severe hair damage says best hair stylists in Karama. On the other hand that is, using actual shampoo, gives a shiny hair without having oil sediments on the top of the hair.

Wet hair is big no-no

If you are going with bun or pony tails, let the hair be always dry. Try to avoid to much beautification on wet hair. These hair are considered to be as most dangerous hair to be styled out. Use moisturizing cream while you come out from the shower with wet hair suggested by best beauty salon in karama Dubai.   Apply on mid length or at the ends which help your hair to save from snapping.

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