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You know hair trends are defined with a move towards glamour. Most of the people are on a way for healthy, shiny hair with lots of movement. Color is mainly defined in clean, icy tones or brilliant reds. Although it’s a personal choice , the move has become being away from red browns. Most of them are looking for premier hair stylists in Dubai that suits your skin tone best.

Hair trends change according to the styles but don’t be a slave to fashion. As the rapid increase in the field of  hair trends especially in hair color, people are moving towards its great for variety. Here we provide some trends to incorporate latest hair trends into your style.

hair stylists in Dubai

If you are curious to know about latest hair color trends, you must read this blog. As the part of 2019 hair color trends, we also make you follow some advanced techniques for hair coloring.

   “Hair color is an expression of something different that you want to have or something that is creative”

for Double-sided coloring, choose a darker color like chocolate underneath and for the top of the hair choose lighter shads like copper and bronze. The darker color will help you to frame your face and if you are looking for straighten or curls when styling, best hair stylists in Dubai will be suggesting for greater variety. Main color when straightening becomes lighter ones that’s one of the great hair trend to be on 2019.

You can also try hair color combinations like honey comb, coffee and golden syrup to get more subtle layerd effect. If you are looking to be so unique something just like outrageous, go for brighter colored fringe say in few purple or pink ends. There are also  some advanced technologies use for hair coloring, such as ombre and sombre coloring.

Ombre coloring is a classic hair coloring technique that shows no sign of going out of style. This hair color trend can be easily maintained when done. Coming to sombre hair coloring look, it is something more subtle than ombre coloring but also classically striking. many women find it more wearable.

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Most of them go for best salon in karama for hair color who can provide professional finish and luxurious experience. Get in touch with the professional hair stylist masters, Eyana salon is with you for your complete hair solutions. Get in touch with us.

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