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Hey, How was 2019? Planned about your new year resolution? Hmm. Alright! Did you know more than half of the global population will be take no further than personal health and beauty resolution says top style salon in Dubai.

Every one needs to have confident look and to feel better. Reading for a beauty motivation? If yes. Create a beauty calendar to stay focus on everyday beauty routine suggested by best beauty parlour in karama.

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Here best beauty salons in Dubai have come up with few new year besuty hacks to make your mind and body feel freshed and attain overall wellness.

Washing face before wakeup

It is one of the best practice that each and every one should follow while before bed. Your face will be having lots of impurities and and last day makeup. So it should be your first and foremost new year resolution for a beautiful skin and face says best beauty clinic in karama otherwise it will be resulting in acne and blocked with thick pores.

Love sleeping

Did you know what is the exact sleep stretch for a person? No worries. Keep a daily routine of sleeping between 8 to 9 hours. But nowadays this stretch is out of our control. Sleep stretch of average 9 hours is only followed by teenagers and parents. Acoording to a survey conducted by WHO of United Nations says that, persons of age between 25 to 35 is getting least sleeping hours due to digital influence. So top salon services in Karama suggests you to shut eye for a perfect beauty.

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Stay hydrated

It should be one of your top rated upcoming year resolution. There are lots of benefits while drinking water. It helps to regulate your body temperature, boosts your skin beauty, maintain blood pressure and much more. Best salon services hair and beauty karama recommends to have 2 litres of water every day which is equal to nearly 8 to 9 cups of water. This will help to regain your beauty to highest level.

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